Trellis for Saas, how much can it handle?

I’ve got an idea for a simple saas with wordpress and would like to use the roots combo but was wondering how much can trellis with a multisite take on?

Can it handle up to 1000 or more sites with users adding content daily and creating new sites? Or do i need to look into something else?

Any tips are welcomed :slight_smile:


Well it doesn’t really have much to do with Trellis itself. Mostly depends on the underlying server, or many servers if you scale. Ansible lets you scale to multiple servers really easily as well. It’s just a matter of upgrading the server if you start to experience performance problems or add more servers. Trellis does offer the Nginx micro cache feature which can definitely help a lot.

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Ah cool, google up a bit and i saw it can do rolling updates, load balancing and much more. Thanks for the hint. Looked into Docker a bit but but i feel more home with roots tools :slightly_smiling: