Trellis: Installing scripts and packages and WP syncing

I have not installed Trellis yet, and have a list of scripts and packages to add to the server who are not mentioned under “What’s included”.

  • Is this possible by regular means (script installer and package manager), or would I have to add them with Composer?
  • Will these self-installed scripts and packages survive a Trellis update?

On the “Local Development Setup” page:

To access the VM, run vagrant ssh . Sites can be found at /srv/www/<site name> . See the Vagrant docs for more commands.

Note that each WP site you configured is synced between your local machine (the host) and the Vagrant VM. Any changes made to your host will be synced to the VM.

Does “is synced” mean:

  • proper rsync type syncing (WP copy in the local server VM and on my computer’s ssd)?
  • nfs/cifs/autofs/sshfs sharing and mounting “remote” (WP copy on my computer’s ssd only)?

Apologies for so many questions, but for the past 2 weeks I’ve been installing and trying (on and off) umpteen Docker images and Vagrant boxes. I just couldn’t get myself to start again after the weekend, only to be disappointed again because NFS share exports were added twice (Homestead) causing the nfs-server service to crash, or having to add them manually (although I had them defined in the Vagrant file). Holes being ripped in my iptables (despite configuring Docker not to and also by Linux libvirt/KVM VM) bypassing my VPN kill switch. Both promote container/VM isolation, which shouldn’t be enforced on a developer’s computer.

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