Trellis + Migrate DB Pro (Possible permissions error)

Hi all,

I’m getting an issue with WP Migrate DB Pro with Trellis. More specifically, the media files sync - the DB syncs fine.

It seems to be a directory permissions problem:

[2] => Error attempting to create required directory: /srv/www/ (#104mf)

If I manually create the folder, it seems to work.

The only reference I could see something even remotely similar was: but I’m not so sure. We’re not using HHVM.

Any pointers on how I can troubleshoot this?

Not sure if this helps (a screenshot of folder permissions within a vagrant ssh session:

Thanks in advance

Update: This seems like a problem with MigrateDB Pro actually - not a permissions problem in Trellis, so I’ll log a ticket with them.

FYI for others using this: We rolled back to the previous version and it worked. Hopefully they’ll patch this up soon.

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Did you hear anything from Migrate DB Pro or log a ticket? Just checking to see if I should submit a ticket too.


I logged a ticket - and they suggested that they might be handling permissions differently in the latest version.

We’ve had a busy week, so I’ve actually forgotten about this (and just stuck with the older version).

I guess if you log a ticket too, it might indicate the problem wasn’t localised to just me.



I’m one of the devs working on WP Migrate DB Pro and have been looking into this problem. So far I’ve been unable to replicate the issue either pushing or pulling media into a new trellis/bedrock/sage dev install.

If you’re having this problem and you can share a vm or can walk me through a way to reliably replicate the issue, please reply or send me a PM. We’d really like to figure out what’s going on and get this fixed for our next release.

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Thanks for the message

Sure… PM’ing you now…

Thanks to @doug’s help I’ve been able to track this issue down. We’ll have a fix in our next release of WP Migrate DB Pro.

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing this issue on version 1.5.2, the workaround is to add the following to your site’s wp-config.php (or probably the config/application.php file in trellis):

// Don't use WP_Filesystem class for filesystem operations in WP Migrate DB Pro
define( 'WPMDB_WP_FILESYSTEM', false );

Just came by to say thanks for the help @JRGould, works like a charm

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Just wanted to say TY! @JRGould