Trellis on arm64 CPUs/arch?

Hetzner offers Arm64 (Ampere) CPU based servers (CAX[…] series). One can get more CPU cores, memory and disk space for same cost as x86 equivalent SKUs.
On a first glance, it appears that the important packages are available on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for arm64 architecture. There are only few PHP 8.1 benchmarks with realistic workloads and then the higher number of cores (for the same budget) may offset a potential lower single-core performance on arm64. What do you think, is this a valid alternative?

I am hesitant, as one crucial, unsupported package or feature may be already a deal-breaker on a production system.

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Did you ever get any clarity on this? I’m going to set up a new server now and I’m curious to know whether or not it worked for you on ARM64 :slight_smile: