Trellis Remote Deployment - Custom theme not in 'themes'

I have a site up and running locally which uses Bedrock, Sage (8.*) and Trellis.

When I deploy to a remote server, the ‘current/web/wp/wp-content/themes/’ structure contains the ‘twentyseventeen’ theme, etc., but not my customised Sage theme. My custom theme is however appearing within the ‘shared’ folder structure.

My setup:

  • I followed the same approach as the roots example project and included bedrock/trellis/sage all in one repo
  • The customised theme is correctly captured within git as part of the overall repo

The theme is obviously being pulled in as part of the git clone (as appearing within ‘shared’ structure) but going wrong afterwards somewhere within the ansible playbooks I guess.

Does anyone have any pointers as to where this might be going wrong?

(This query is similar to Trellis production deployed successfully - Can’t find Sage theme, but I’ve followed all the pointers in there, short of testing out a remote deployment of the roots example project myself, to prove that the sage theme appears within the final structure. I’ll hopefully try this shortly)

Your theme wouldn’t show up in current/web/wp/wp-content/themes, it would be in current/web/app/themes.

Why is your theme showing up in the shared folder? Something isn’t right. :eyes:

If you followed the Roots Example Project setup then everything should be okay. The theme needs to exist within app/themes and not have its own .git directory inside of it.

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Doh. Yes, this was completely my mistake. I’ve now moved my custom theme to web/app/themes folder and all now ok. Thanks for pointing this out.