Trellis Remote Server Setup Missing Steps

I’m deploying a local site to a remote server and trying to following the Docs.

But it appears to be missing one or more steps in between SSHing into the server and the first step it says I should take which is copying my “wordpress_sites” to the server at group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml

I’m assuming I need to run Trellis on the remote server first. But it doesn’t say anything about that.

Can someone help clarify? Thank you!

No steps are missing. All of the steps for configuring Trellis for your project, provisioning your server, and deploying your site are performed locally on your computer. Ansible connects to your server to perform the provisioning and deployment tasks. You never need to ssh to your server to perform the steps in the documentation.


Wow, that’s amazing! I didn’t know that was possible. Thank you for clarifying.

@swalkinshaw I’d like to propose an amendment to the instructions about this to clarify for clarity and future users:

In the second sentence of the “Provision” section of the “Remote Server Setup” Doc page it currently says:

“In Trellis, you provision a server by running the server.yml playbook.”

I propose it be changed to:

“In Trellis, you provision a server by running the server.yml playbook from your Local Development Setup. It then connects to your remote server and sets everything up.”

As someone using these docs for the first time there wasn’t anything in the docs up to this point that conveyed to me that it was run locally. I was thinking I had to re-run the “Installing Trellis” instructions on the remote server and then some other steps I had yet to identify.

I’d be open to some minimal additions like that. Feel free to open a PR at and we can discuss the changes.

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Okay, thank you. I’ve submitted a PR here: