Trellis Site breaks after running for several minutes

I have several local Trellis sites running without issue. One site in particular shuts down/breaks after running without issue for several minutes. It produces no errors and is a bit of a mystery. It’s making local development very tedious, and I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Has anyone run into a similar issue?

Is there any chance you run multiple Trellis VMs at the same time? When this happens to me it’s often because I’ve forgotten to shut down other Trellis VMs before starting a new one.

If not that, what status does Virtualbox show for the VM when it “breaks”? Does it still show as “Running” or does it show “Aborted” or what?

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Also a good idea to check the IPs your VMs are set up to use (to make sure they’re not colliding) and to take a look at your hosts file (to make sure you’re not pointing different hostnames to the same IPs). I’ve run into similar issues several times that boiled down to a host entry not getting removed correctly.


None of the other VM’s are running; that was the first thing I checked. As for the status of the box, it always shows as “running” despite the site not loading. Hosts file is also clean and shows no conflicts. Weird…

So what indicator do you have that it doesn’t work? What exactly doesn’t work? Can you still ssh to the box with vagrant ssh? Is it just web browsing that doesn’t work?

This may be a docker container I had up causing the conflict. Going to spin that down and see if it corrects the error. Will post results in case anyone else runs into this issue.