Trellis ssh "too many arguments"

I am unable to provide the -u / --user argument to the “trellis ssh” command in order to provide the user name to log into a Kinsta environment. I get the same error when I use one of the valid examples provided by the command.

$ trellis ssh -u web production
Error: too many arguments (expected between 1 and 2, got 3)

$ trellis --version

Is there a different way to specify the username?

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I usually set this in group vars/all/users. I didn’t know you could even set them using trellis ssh.

Definitely a bug. The fix was easy: Fix ssh cmd flags by swalkinshaw · Pull Request #364 · roots/trellis-cli · GitHub

I’ll release 1.10.1 soon with that included. Sorry for the trouble but thank you for finding the bug!

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