Trellis SSH

When running the command trellis ssh, it seems to default to ssh

Is there any way to have it connect with ssh my_admin_username@my.ip.address?

Not currently. I assume should work regardless (since it would resolve to the same IP) right? So you’d mainly need a way to customize the admin user?

It’s not easy to do that in the CLI since it’s outside of the Ansible context. trellis ssh helps for default cases, but in yours I’d suggest just creating an entry in your personal ~/.ssh/config file so you can just do ssh some_name :smile:

There’s lots of guides on it. Here’s a decent looking one: Simplify Your Life With an SSH Config File

Since I’m using CloudFlare, doesn’t return the actual IP address. And up until now, I’ve always changed admin to something else. Not the end of the world, and thanks for the link!