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`trellis up` gives error

When I do trellis up, from the project root or the trellis directory, I get the following output:

Running command => vagrant up
Vagrant failed to initialize at a very early stage:

The home directory you specified is not accessible. The home
directory that Vagrant uses must be both readable and writable.

You specified: /var/root/.vagrant.d
exit status 1

When I do vagrant up from the trellis directory, the command succeeds as normal.

$ echo $HOME 



Trellis 1.4.0
trellis-cli 0.8.0
vagrant 2.2.9

I think this has been reported here as well I think:

Definitely a trellis-cli issue that I’ll need to look into. For now you can just use vagrant up of course.

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Thank you - I’m sorry I missed the github issue!

I just published v0.9.0. Could you let me know if that fixes the issue?

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Amazing. Thank you so much!
It seems to work perfectly.

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