Trellis / Vagrant Is terrible slow


I’m on MacOs, with i9. And I can see that local sites are terrible slow. I’m using now Parallels, but with VirtualBox was the same.

Even change to:
vagrant_cpus: 8
vagrant_memory: 8192 # in MB

Don’t make the site works better. Comparing to LocalWp it’s 500-1000% slower when navigating admin pages. Is there any way to speed up trellis with other settings rather giving more CPU/RAM to Vagrant?

When working with browser sync, 1/4 times page crash on PHP error, because the refresh is fired but the file is not fully copied to virtual machine and crashes. That makes me crazy.

I was doing some tests on clean Wordpress, without any plugin, and it’s still much slower from LocalWP.

Anyone else have similar issues and a good fix for it? :slight_smile:


The I/O is probably the bottleneck here, same with containers (WSL 2 native-Linux filesystem crossing).

Can you optimize the way the files are mounted into the VirtualBox VM?
Can you use a different VirtualBox provider (hypervisor)?