Trouble getting bedrock with work with Local (flywheel). L

Local no longer uses a VM but runs natively from it own version fo MAMP stack on Mac OSX. Anyway i followed the instruction in your post on the subject put it not working, Something todo with the webserver document root still fixed on locals app/public as although deleted it, it creates a the directory every-time I startup. I used to think Local was quantum leap compared alternative like Desktopsever, Bitnami or MAMP, but I’m convinced compared to going native. But thinking ahead hoping so kinds whizz-bag devops CI/CD tech to automate my workflow - the kind of think Trellis does only. The last time rented ubuntu droplet of Digital Ocean I well out of my depth - spent al my time worrying fail2ban rather WP dev. Fuckit maybe just knuckle down and spend 12 months learning React - can’t be more meta php. I’ll free entanglement of the front and backend that’s intrinsic wp behmouth in headless paradise knocking up progressive web apps.

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