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Trying to connect to Jetpack from a Bedrock install but getting error when connecting to

I am using a Bedrock install and trying to connect Jetpack to but I’m getting this error:

communicate with your site [HTTP 404]. Ask your web host if they allow
connections from If you need further assistance, contact Jetpack Support:

This is my settings in my .env which are the default settings


Jetpack uses xmlrpc.php to communicate to the server and it should be in the root directory for it to be able to work. So I tried to transfer the whole contents of the /wp folder to the root url and updated my .env to:


When I’m visiting, it is now giving me the expected return value: " XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only." and I can now connect to via Jetpack without any issues.

What is the proper way to make Jetpack work with the default installation of Bedrock? Can I still take advantage of Bedrock’s feature to put the WP files in a subfolder? :grin:

Could try only moving the xmlrpc.php file as detailed here:

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I had this a few months ago and I think it’s a false error message on their side. Even with this message, the Jetpack functions I enabled (related posts, social share, stats, and Photon) all work. Take a look in or Calyspo and you’ll likely see that the Jetpack servers successfully find/connect to /wp/xmlrpc.php.

When I dug into their plugin code a little, I saw that the plugin reports this error because the UI/plugin interchangeablely uses siteurl and homeurl. When I reported it to them (via support channels, not Github), their response was non existent. I’d love to see this fixed in their plugin.


@swalkinshaw for the suggestion, although a clunky solution, this seemed to work. I have to move xmlrpc.php to the root directory and change line 29 from:

include( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp-load.php' );

to point in the wp directory which is defined in your .env, for this example I’m using /wp:

include( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp/wp-load.php' );

@DavidSchargel I agree, maybe we can try submitting a PR to the core or Jetpack repo that fixes this issue later

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Any new ways of doing this since three years ago?

Update to the latest version of WordPress + JetPack and it now works! Plus it looks like they improved the load speed of JetPack.