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Trying to use datapicker field to show abbreviated month in Yoast meta description

Sorry if this is not the proper place to post this, but you guys seem to be the only ones that ever help and I thank you in advance.

My boss has to have an abbreviated month listed with the yoast meta description field. Currently, I can use %%currentmonth%% and I will see September, but he wants the abbreviated month. As I continued to read the documentation, I could see that I could use %%cf_<custom_field>%%, which I did exactly that, %%cf_short_date%% - that is the name of my acf date_picker “short_date” and it is set to M in the custom section, which produces “Sep”

Sure enough, it shows “Sep” within the post edit page

In Yoast, it looks like the following, which I read on other posts that it may not display correctly in Yoast on the backend, but it should be fine on the front end - nope:


Since yoast meta description is set to %%cf_short_date%%, then it should work correct? No, I do not understand.


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