TutorLMS override the sage template


So i’m trying to test a LMS solution for a client and ended up installing TutorLMS plugin. This plugin has some of it own pages and for some reason the page overrides the Sage template and uses the default template instead. For example i have a navigation set up in Sage which won’t show up when the Tutor dashboard is open. When i inspected the source it turned out that the Sage part wasn’t even loaded.

Tested with the default WP theme twentytwentyfour and everything works just fine.

What am i missing? Do i have to re-route the plugin somehow?

Some adjustments may be required for integrating plugins that bring their own templates (of the whole page).

Here an example for WooCommerce in Sage 10:

You need functions from the plugin that render specific parts of the page (not the whole page), as the page main content: https://docs.themeum.com/tutor-lms/developers/override-templates/

So the Sage theme has to override the built-in templates and have Blade-PHP templates where those functions are called.

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Another example is the Tribe events plugin which has a package for Sage themes also GitHub - supermundano/sage-the-events-calendar: Add The Events Calendar support to Sage 10.


Cool, Thanks! I’ll have a look at both of these projects.

Hey, I’m having the same question, did you find a way to do it ?

Basically I just would like to have my sage10 header and footer templates loaded when a Tutor course is being displayed


Yes I did get the general idea on how to do it, but since tutor has a lot of template files I just ended up using regular wordpress custom theme. I think if i had more time i would implement it in Sage, but the client was in a hurry so… you know :smiley: