Unable to get bedrock working on xampp on windows 11

I have been unable to get bedrock to work in a W11/xampp environment.
The relevant bit of my .env file is


Note I have tried this with and without the “/wp” at the end.

The vhost entry is

<VirtualHost *:8088>
DocumentRoot “C:/DEV/xampp/htdocs/bedrock/web”
ServerName bedrock.local
<Directory “C:/DEV/xampp/htdocs/bedrock”>

The host file would appear to be setup correctly because I can ping bedrock.local.
If I put
in the browser, I get 404 Not Found.

If I put it in without the .local I get the directory listing for /bedrock.

If I put http://bedrock.local in the browser, I get the “This site can’t be reached bedrock.local refuse to connect” ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I am sure I am missing some simple piece of the configuration, but I cannot figure it out. I really want to use bedrock, because it really does resolve many of the best practice issues with wordpress, but I cannot seem to get past the initial setup.