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Unable to run any build task

Hello - I’m trying out this new tool to check it out, and probably/surely I’m missing something, but following the simple instructions available at Introduction | bud.js.
I’ve the exact setup described at Getting Started | bud.js, but after Bud installation and running “yarn bud build”, I’ve got some error prompt:

  • (node:15164) [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM] Error Plugin: @roots/bud [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: require() of ES Module E:_webDev\bud\node_modules\globby\index.js from E:_webDev\bud\node_modules@oclif\core\lib\config\plugin.js not supported.

…and then:
Error: command build not found
error Command failed with exit code 2.

What I’m doing wrong?

My node version is 16.13.1
Npm version: 8.3.0

It looks like you’re on Windows but not using WSL? You’ll need to run Bud from a WSL environment

This was a known issue and should be resolved in bud 5.1.0.

In Bud 5.0.0 it can be fixed using yarn’s dependency resolution feature.

In your package.json you will need to add

"resolutions": {
    "globby": "11.1.0",

But, as @benword mentioned, it is also a good idea to use WSL since bud doesn’t strictly support windows outside of it.

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