Unable to upload plugins / themes

Hey Guys I have used composer create project bedrock on a fresh digital ocean lemp stack
and am unable to install plugins / themes either by uploading or from the web. I also cannot use the dreaded FTP install which pops up when I click install

Is this the same problem as this thread?

If you are reffering to " What happened is correct - @40Q did not see the “Add a new Plugin” button if those settings are not there, IE. a stock WP install. Manually going to plugin-install.php resulted in “You do not have sufficient permissions” because of that.

@40Q this is actually a feature of Bedrock now, you cannot modify or install plugins and themes or edit any files on the production site. All updates should be done locally or at the very least on a staging server.

So, it’s no error "

WP_ENV=development is set in .env so I don’t think its the same issue as that relates to productions sites.

Without an actual error message then I would just think this has something to do with folder permissions.

Bedrock still has these two settings for all environments:

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

Although that shouldn’t apply to your cases. It disables auto updates and the theme/plugin editor. But nothing to do with uploading/adding themes/plugins.

I tried looking for an error in the auth logs but couldnt see anything would that be the right place to look?

You should be looking at your Nginx error logs wherever they are.