UnCSS Bootstrap tooltip class


Apologies if this is a bit too much of a general Gulp/Bootstrap question to post here. But I was wondering if anyone else had used UnCSS in their gulp build and been able to keep Bootstraps tooltips rendering correctly?

I haven’t had much trouble with anything else other than the tooltips; it just seems like no matter how many variations of the tooltip class I add to my ignore list, it still doesn’t keep all the CSS.

I’ve managed to get the tooltip to display, but it hasn’t used the background color I had set and has defaulted to black and I also can’t get the tooltip arrow to display.

I’m currently using the following classes in my ignore list for tooltips:

        ".tooltip .fade .bottom .in",

That’s all the assoiated classes I could find and a few variations, so if you know what I’m missing or doing wrong that would be really helpful to know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I neglected to realise I hadn’t added tooltip as a JS class in the ignore list as well as a CSS class. What a fool :relieved:

Here’s what my ignore list for looks like for tooltips now working:

        ".tooltip .bottom",
        ".tooltip .fade .bottom .in",