Undefined function App\get_theme_file_path()

Getting following error on fresh install on Pagely server: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function App\get_theme_file_path() in ...wp-content/themes/hoang/src/filters.php:60

This is because get_theme_file_path() was introduced in 4.7. Pagely delays updates and has not rolled out 4.7 yet.


Just ran into this; may be worth noting WP 4.7 as a requirement on the docs @ben @swalkinshaw :slight_smile:

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I just ran into this issue while working on a client’s website (pre 4.7), after trying to work out what was going on for a good couple of hours. I second the idea of adding WP 4.7 as a requirement in the docs :slight_smile: