Unexpected token S in JSON at position 0

I’m receiving this error with a couple of plugins on my Trellis multisite hosted on Digital Ocean. This issue doesn’t occur with non-multisite.

Hopefully you guys have some ideas on how to approach this.

The first is with WP Offload Media. I started a support thread on the WP.org forums, but it looks like it’s not going anywhere: Multisite Issue | WordPress.org

The second is with the Updraftplus backups. See below for console errors.

Not sure how this could possibly be a Trellis or Bedrock issue

I’ve tried these two plugins across several multisite installs and they get the same error every time.

I’ve tried them on non-Trellis setups and they work fine.

Could Trellis be causing something like the plugin author described in relation to the “cheating eh?” ajax response:

You’ll get that response from WordPress if your user’s role is too low to do whatever action you’re trying to do, or the auth setup isn’t working correctly and the “nonce” isn’t being passed through or refreshed correctly.

With the same database, settings, and other plugins/theme as your Trellis setup?

If so… I don’t really have any clue. But at the end of the day, Trellis is open-source free software with volunteer support and Updraft Plus is a paid plugin with paid support staff :confused: