Up & Running with Parallels Desktop 10

Well if someone uses Parallels Desktop, might find this useful, I was able to make my environment work with PD10.
Note that Parallels Desktop 11 is not supported, you need to buy Pro (yearly subs) or Business edition (ask for offer).
This is why I had to downgrade to PD10 to make it work.

Only couple of things needed to do.

  1. Install: https://github.com/Parallels/vagrant-parallels
    1.1. Install any additional plugins you are missing
    (Docs: http://parallels.github.io/vagrant-parallels/docs/)

  2. Update vagrant file: http://pastebin.com/93MpTJGf
    2.1. You can customise your parallels configuration starting on Line 78.
    Read trough the docs to see correct configuration options:

  3. run: vagrant up

Wait a little bit for all tasks to complete, for me it took around 10 minutes.
Then you can do: ‘vagrant ssh’ to ssh into your new machine.

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When running vagrant up after following the instructors above I am getting the following error message:

  • The hostname set for the VM should only contain letters, numbers,
    hyphens or dots. It cannot start with a hyphen or dot.

Can you please advise on how i could resolve such an issue.


I would check out ‘hostname’ param and make sure:

The hostname set for the VM should only contain letters, numbers,
hyphens or dots. It cannot start with a hyphen or dot.

Still learning here. Which file would i find that param in?

Ok, in the vagrant file which i copied from above I have the lines
hostname, *aliases = wordpress_sites.flat_map { |(_name, site)| site[‘site_hosts’] }
config.vm.hostname = hostname
if i change the second line to a hardcoded hostname i am able to get around the issue.

With that being said, i want to understand what the first line above is doing " hostname, *aliases = wordpress_sites.flat_map { |(_name, site)| site[‘site_hosts’] } "
I believe it is referencing my wordpress_sites file which reads as follows:

Documentation: https://roots.io/trellis/docs/local-development-setup/

wordpress_sites options: https://roots.io/trellis/docs/wordpress-sites

Define accompanying passwords/secrets in group_vars/development/vault.yml

- canonical: example.dev
- www.example.dev
local_path: …/site # path targeting local Bedrock site directory (relative to Ansible root)
admin_email: admin@example.dev
enabled: false
enabled: false
provider: self-signed
enabled: false

What do i need to change in this file to ensure that i can solve the issue without a workaround?

I’m sorry but it’s difficult for me to debug your installation.
There might be some updates in meanwhile, but I’m using this box: https://atlas.hashicorp.com/parallels/boxes/ubuntu-14.04 (v 1.0.7) with Parallels Desktop 10.2.2.

In newer versions of PD they have removed CLI from it and you need to purchase some more expensive license to get it work, this is why I stick to v10.

So depending on the versions you use there might be some additional tweaks required.
You can find some instructions on their help site: http://parallels.github.io/vagrant-parallels/ which might help you.