Updating Bedrock itself


I’m starting using Bedrock and I wonder is it possible to update (and what it could mean) Bedrock itself after finishing a website or I’m missing something.

Does it mean to update only packages in “require” and “require-dev” sections?

Any sugestions?

I manually make changes if they seem useful for a project. I’ve found that changes to bedrock are usually very easy to update this way.

My strategy has been to add a .txt file to the project that tracks the version I’m currently on and update that file once I incorporate the changes from the latest release. I use github to compare the version number listed in that .txt file with the current version and use the diff to see what needs to be changed. It’s not foolproof but it has worked for me.

Using this comparison as an example, I would go line by line and make the necessary changes, but either skip changes to the readme or copy the whole file and replace the current readme.