Updating lando theme container from node:12 to node:16 for sage 10 and bud

So I just noticed that laravel mix was replaced with bud for the latest version of sage 10. Bud now requires a node version of at least 16. Replace Laravel Mix with Bud (#2643) · roots/sage@69dfbfc · GitHub

I run my development server via lando’s wordpress recipe and they don’t list node 16 out of the box. But the fix to make it run was very easy. You basically only have to override the image used for the theme server from node:12 to node:16. (Services | Lando)

To make it work I had to add the overrides section in my lando config. This is what the final changes look like for my .lando.yml file

    type: node:12
        - 3000:3000
      image: node:16

Once you’ve added this to the config just rebuild your lando containers via lando rebuild -y and then from the within the theme directory lando yarn then lando yarn dev to watch for changes.


Thank you for sharing!

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