Updating to bedrock 1.12.5

Hi, this is obviously a newbie question but I am not sure on how to update an existing bedrock installation to the new 1.12.5 release.

Is it something I need to do manually?
I think I need to edit my config/environments/development.php for example and add
Config::define(‘WP_DISABLE_FATAL_ERROR_HANDLER’, true);

I suspect composer update will not take core of that, so is there a checklist or a tutorial?

Thank you very much in advance

Update Bedrock was very easy for me. Just install new Bedrock project and:

  • Copy bedrock_project/composer.json diffs to the new Bedrock project
  • Copy bedrock_project/.git folder to new bedrock project
  • Copy your theme in old Bedrock project to bedrock_project/web/app/themes
  • Update environment variables (if you do not use Trellis)

For advanced GIT update, look at http://chrisknightindustries.com/2015/24/11/git-subtrees-for-trellis-workflow.html

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Thank you very much for your help, my site is a bit more complex, I have some versioned plugins as well and some customisation of config files, but I think I will just compare each file and manually merge them.

Thanks again

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