Upgrade from Roots Theme 6.1.0 from 2011

I put this in the Sage section as I don’t know where it should go.

We have a WordPress site that was built with a custom theme using the Roots Theme version 6.1.0 or maybe the version after that. It is from 2011 apparently. That is what the changelog.md says at least.

The site is stuck on PHP 7.4 because if we try to upgrade it to PHP 8, it breaks the site because of this custom theme.

The company that built this for us is no longer in business so I can’t ask them for help.

Can this be upgraded somehow to a newer version? It looks like the Roots Theme has moved far beyond what it was 12 years ago.

Or am I better off just building a new site with current stuff and forget this old site.

It’s probably just as much effort to try to upgrade your existing theme for both modern Sage (the successor to the Roots theme) and modern WordPress as it is to build a new theme using the current Sage starter.

If you’ve read the Sage documentation and feel comfortable with the technology and workflow, Sage is a great starter theme, but you’re not tied to it just because the old theme was built in its predecessor. If you’re more comfortable with a more traditional WordPress theme, then that may be a better choice for you, the one who has to maintain it!

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