Upgraded to Mac OS Sierra - Lost access to all servers

Pretty dark on this. The only option I can see at the moment is completely rebuilding on new Droplets.

Free Code Camp wrote about the SSH Key Change here - Upgrading To MacOS Sierra will break your SSH Keys

“It turns out Apple decided to quietly force 2048-bit RSA keys on everyone, which has been a mild inconvenience for some, and a confused panic for others.”

Just wondering if anybody has any advice?

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Oh wow. Does your server provider have a web console?

If it does, you can import your new SSH key after you add it to your GitHub account by doing:

ssh-import-id gh:username


So crazy.

I’ll give this a crack, thanks heaps.


Root user is locked down from the Trellis provision. Regretting that one.

Hey Ben,

I tried this method on a couple of the provisions that I hadn’t locked down root access - and I am able to ssh in to the server now.

However, when I try to deploy I’m receiving the following error :
Failed to connect to the host via ssh.

Just wondering if you have any clues on where I’m going wrong before I admit defeat.

Some people may find this article useful if you’re suffering from the same ailment as me.

You’ll need to remove your sites’ entries from ~/.ssh/known_hosts after you reprovision. That should fix this issue.


Here are some steps to restore root access, but maybe you sorted it using the link you posted.

The verbose output sometimes yields clues as to which of the many potential causes may be relevant:

ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=production -vvvv
ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e "env=production site=example.com" -vvvv

Hay @inthedeepend I don’t know if that will help you, but did for me.

I just made sudo nano ssh_config in /etc/ssh folder

then I add ForwardAgent yes

Save and then run in terminal ssh-add

Then can be you need to exit terminal, then run the command to deploy.

Like I say in my case that was the issue now all runs ok.


Hi there! Will we need to do anything special regarding Trellis sites if we upgrade to Sierra now?

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