Upgrading Sage 8 to work with PHP 8.1

I’ve taken over a website for a client and it’s using sage 8.5 in wordpress. I’ve never working with this type of theme and was wondering if there is an easy way to update it to the latest version. The server that it’s on will soon only offer php 8.1 and this version of sage is not compatible. Thank you.

Considering Sage 8 has no PHP dependencies like Sage 9 and Sage 10 do, upgrading it is definitely “easy” in the sense that there shouldn’t be much to change. At least from what was included in Sage 8 out of the box. Since you’re taking over an existing website and we have no idea what the code looks like, it’s impossible for us to say.

You should setup a local development environment with PHP 8.1 and see what errors come up. Fix the errors as they appear.

If your question is about upgrading from Sage 8 to Sage 10 — then the answer is that you’ll need to pretty much start from scratch.