Upgrading to Sage 10 and PHP to 8.2 including Migrating to Bud

Hi all,

I am trying to upgrade from Sage 10.0.0-dev (which I’ve read is essentially Sage 9) to the latest version of Sage. However, I am experiencing a few issues with the upgrade and was wondering if I can get some advice. This is the first time I am working with Sage so my understanding is still a bit minimal.

  1. With the update from PHP 8.1 to 8.2 on the current Sage installation, I am getting an error that says

Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Roots\Acorn\LazyLoader::$app is deprecated in /vendor/roots/acorn/src/Roots/Acorn/LazyLoader.php in Line 20

Unfortunately to fix this issue, Would it be correct I need to update Acorn where it is only supported in Sage 10?

  1. Is there an official way to use Laravel Mix for Sage 10 and not move to Bud? I read an article here that it is possible, but it seems to not be an official solution. If it’s not possible, is there an move guide from moving from Laravel Mix to Bud? couldn’t find one, but my google-fu could also be terrible.

Thanks in advance

:thinking: This is not an error but a deprecation notice. If nothing else happens, the site may still run well on that PHP version.

Yes that is true and it will be a fair while before it will be an issue, but looking to see if it’s fixable already. Also it’s been requested by the local security team.