Uploading plugins and themes

I am unable to upload themes and plugins to WordPress on a staging environment, the add new button is missing on both the themes and plugins page. Also the plugins don’t show any new updates on staging, they do on the dev environment.

In this article You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page kalen johnson explains that this is a feature of bedrock where the options are turned off on the production environment because it should be done on dev. But since this is a staging environment i’m wondering why i can’t upload anything.

Does this also apply for the staging environment or am i missing something? Also changing these options AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED and DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT on staging to did not work for me.

Thank you!

WordPress core and plugins would be handled via composer. Staging shouldn’t be introducing any new code, it’s for review of your dev work. Therefore, you update everything in your dev environment, test locally, commit your code to git, then deploy to staging. Why would you want your plugins on staging to be different to your dev environment?