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Uploads not rendering when using browsersync through `yarn start`

I have set up an instance of Sage using the Bedrocks WP frame work and served through Valet.

When using yarn start and running browersync, I am able to render images from scss or in html using the @asset() blade function. But I will also have some images coming from the WP backend through uploads. These will not render. I have inspected the url and it is correct with the localhost:3000 domain. If i navigate directly to that URL i get redrected to the home page. This only happens when going through the proxyUrl localhost:3000/app/uploads/example.png. When I just navigate to the devUrl like example.text/app/uploads/example.png the image renders fine.

Any idea what is happening? Thanks!

@asset() is only intended for use with files that are stored in your theme, not for WordPress uploads. If you’re looking for a Blade directive to use with images in the WordPress Media Library, you might look at @Log1x’s @image directive.

As for why your localhost links aren’t working, I’m not sure but my guess would be that BrowserSync isn’t aware of them/able to serve them correctly.

Thanks @alwaysblank

I am not using @asset() for uploads rendering. I know that is just for images in my theme folder. I was just saying that works fine. It is just the images from the uploads file.

The URL localhost:3000/app/uploads/example.png is not working but example.text/app/uploads/example.png does not. I figured it a browsersync or yarn issues, but I don’t know how to resolve it.

What does the network tab in your browser’s inspector show for the images? Is it just a 404, or some other more interesting response?

My other guess would be that it could have something to do w/ Valet, but unfortunately I’m not very familiar with Valet at all. You might try searching the forums to see if someone has run into similar issues.

@alwaysblank It is a 301, which is what happens when I navigato to the url directly. It redirects to the localhost:3000.

I’ll looks through the forums to see if there is an issue like that for valet. Maybe my .htaccess is messed up.