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Uploads retain changing www_root on re-provision?

I currently have a remote setup and the www_root is /home/ ( /home/IP/current )

I’m changing the www_root back to /srv/www (the default) and was wondering, during re-provisioning of the remote setup, will it essentially delete everything residing in /home/ since it’s not configured anymore or will this stay intact even after re-provisioning for me to cp the uploads folder over after deploying?

I want to retain mainly my uploads since I’ve made a backup of the SQL and wondering if I’ll need to do a hard backup of the uploads directory as well before re-provisioning prior to deploying to the new location.


A reprovision of the server will not affect the database and should leave your existing files alone.

I recommend backing up your uploads before a big change like this regardless.

Once you’ve reprovisioned and redeployed, and moved your uploads back into place, review your site for what might be broken. If the uploads are trying to load from the wrong place, you can use wp search-replace to find and replace database entries pointing to the wrong location.

Does that help?

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Sounds good,

Yea I figured this would be the case just wanted to make sure, I have backed up my uploads anyway so I’ll move forward with the re-provision today and see how it all goes.