Use h1 in header


in content.php you are using h2 in <header>. It should be h1 as HTML5


When on a single page or post we use H1 (see templates/content-page.php and templates/content-single.php). The H2 tag from templates/content.php is used for lists of posts/pages (archives, latest posts, searches etc) where the H1 tag will be used for the title of the lists.

I think we can go also with your solution, being not so bad for SEO but In HTML5 you can have multiple h1. In fact, each section, article, footer etc can have a h1 tag.

You can also have a look at the source code of

In an archive page you can have the h1 you are saying for the title of the lists but then, these lists are composed of many articles. These articles also have their h1, sidebar, footer, etc.

There are lots of right ways to do things and that makes HTML5 so wonderfully flexible.

As a starter theme, our goal is to keep the markup and LESS minimal and sensible; that way we can let the end user decide on the important issues, according to their specific needs.

Implementing your proposals would require additional LESS to style all the different H1s, depending on how deep they are nested (the moz links you provided do this with a h3 class). This takes things a little too far for a starter theme, as Roots should be completely transformed during development anyway.

ok, thanks a lot for the support.