Use Trellis for standalone server

Hey guys,

I was using easyengine before this to provision servers and came across Roots. It looks awesome!
Just wondering if it is possible to setup servers WITHOUT the remote provisioning and version control? I am just after the server stack as a replacement for easyengine. Is this possible?

I don’t really know what you mean, but if you just provision the server (ie: run the server.yml playbook) it just sets up a server by installing software (amongst other things). If you never deploy with Trellis, then nothing else happens.

Thanks so much for the reply.

Reading my post back I can definitely see where the confusion sets in. Apologies late night

What I am after is setting up a DO server without having to install any software on my local pc. Can TRellis do this or do you always need to provision from a local machine?

Sure, you could install Ansible on your remote server and run it from there. Not really documented anywhere in Trellis but nothing stopping you from doing it.