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Useful Ubuntu aliases

hi all,
I’d like to share some Ubunt aliases that I find useful when working with roots stack:

#build site
alias bsite='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/site/web/app/themes/your-theme/; clear; yarn build'
#cd to most used folders
alias cdsite='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/; pwd; ls -ltr'
alias cdvue='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/site/web/app/themes/your-theme/resources/assets/scripts/vue/; pwd; ls -ltr'
alias cdtheme='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/site/web/app/themes/your-theme/; pwd; ls -ltr'
#check that SSH key forwarding is working before deploying
alias checkssh='echo "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" && ssh-add -L'
alias deploysite='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/trellis; ./bin/ production yoursite.test'
#start local server
alias startsite='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/trellis; vagrant up'
#sync DB to remote
alias syncsite='cd /mnt/c/yoursite.test/site/scripts; ./ development production'

Does anybody else uses aliases?

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Hey @kpoxo6op, thanks for sharing these

I like the especially checkssh one

Have you seen trellis-cli yet? You could update your deploysite alias to instead do trellis deploy production

@benword thanks,
no, I haven’t tried trellis-cli yet because it was in alpha when I checked it the last time.
I will definitely start using it now, I see that it can do the same stuff as my aliases and more, awesome.

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