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Using @apply with Tailwind 2 + Sage 9 takes over 20s to compile scss file

Hey there,

I am using sage 9 with tailwind css on sage 9 with the postcss7-compat tailwind package. Everything is generally running fine, I have used some of the tutorials that people have posted like this one and this one

When putting the tailwind class in the inline classes it is super quick (eg <div class="flex">) but when I use the @apply in an .scss and then include that in the main.scss file I start to get huge compile time, over 20secs plus which is on a fresh install with very minimal scss code in there.

Has any one had a problem that sounds similar to this?

My thoughts are that it is because I am using the postcss7 compat (as I want to use tailwind2 in sage 9) but I cannot be sure. Webpack config is not a strong point

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