Using bedrock for legacy site?

Hi All,

Looking for advice on if and how bedrock (or other automation tools) could be useful for development and management of legacy Wordpress sites.

I have a couple of cases where:

  • There is a significant amount of content and configuration in production
  • There are legacy custom plugins in use, which may have dependencies on other regular (i.e. available in wpackagist) pulgins, such as buddypress.
  • The theme is entwined with the current content and settings on production. Immediate example of this is that WP menu content and configuration is central part of the site’s design / layout. I.e. ‘content’ is contained within Wordpress configuration.

How could bedrock, or other tools, help with the development process? Particularly rapid setup of local dev environments where content or configuration from or similar to production would be necessary in order to do meaningful development or testing.

Thanks for any/all thoughts on this, or examples of how people manage WP dev where production content/config is necessary.


One issue I noticed with bedrock sites in general are plugins and themes that use hardcoded WordPress paths, e.g. to plugins folder. This won’t work with Bedrock, also it is bad coding. It usually helps to open a new issue in the WordPress plugin directory forum for that plugin.

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