Using bedrock with another plugins

I wanted to ask if anyone has idea what’s the impact of having redundand libraries in bedrock and some plugins, my example:

I have a bedrock setup with some more libraries (for logging and other stuff), now I install MailPoet and WP SMTP, both plugins have own vendor/ folders with own libraries. Is composer taking care of the redundancy and does it load only one of the libraries?

Generally speaking, if you install a WordPress plugin from the plugin repository then the dependancies are usually contained within.
Whereas Composer packages can share dependencies between packages.

So if I install a plugin using wpackagist, all dependencies are contained properly inside the project? I think this would be a good solution. Is composer able to do sha sumcheck using wpackagist, do you know that?

Although you can install WordPress plugins with Composer through WPackagist, they are from the WordPress plugin repository which is what I was referring to in my first bit (sorry if that wasn’t clear). So these plugins will have their dependencies contained within the plugin and are not shared.

As for the checksum I’m not sure about that, sorry!

But if they have the dependencies containers, it loses sense, as there might be a redundancy? (e.g. my bedrock uses monolog, my theme has monolog contained and 2 plugins have monolog dependency contained, that’s 4 vendor/ folders with the same lib)

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