Using get_template_part() in Sage 9 with Blade

I am migrating a theme to Sage9 and I have a shortcode that allows a template to be passed, which leverages get_template_part(). Any thoughts on how to include blade templates from a php class/function?

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You’re looking for template_path() which will return the compiled blade template path.

Example Usage
include \App\template_path(locate_template('path/to/file.blade.php'));


@Log1x Could you show us an example of path please?

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include \App\template_path(locate_template('views/partials/user-review.blade.php'));


is there any same function in sage 10 to load blade templates like this?
I tried your code in sage 10 and I am getting the following error

Illuminate \ View \ ViewException (E_ERROR)
Call to undefined function App\template_path()

\Roots\view would be what you’re looking for. Open a new thread though if you find you need more help with it.