Using Radicle with a different theme

Hey guys,

I have a setup set up where I would like to use Radicle + Bricks Builder to design different templates for pages, posts, custom post types etc. My idea was to use Radicle for all backend related stuff like managing CPTs and taxonomies, and possibly add some routing later. For the front-end design, I would like to use Bricks Builder because it outputs clean semantic HTML and makes the whole design process a lot easier and faster (especially when used with CSS Frameworks like Automatic.css or Tailwind).

However, as Bricks is delivered as a theme, it seems to clash with the default templating of Radicle (the project, not the theme) as it only shows the latest posts, no matter what settings I change or templates I set for the pages/post types, see:

I did a quick test with a minimal setup using just Bedrock, and it worked as expected.

I know this might be an edge case, but is there a way to disable or “bypass” the templating from Radicle or do I also need to set custom templates for my views to handle the Bricks templates?

If you activate a different theme in Radicle that isn’t the Radicle theme, then WordPress should no longer be trying to use Radicle’s templates — I haven’t actually tested using a different theme yet

Can you confirm that you have the correct theme activated?

Hey @ben

Thanks for your reply. Yes, to use the Bricks builder, you actually need to have the theme activated.

I just tried to switch between themes:

Try this — open up composer.json and remove these lines where providers are defined for Acorn:


Then run wp acorn optimize:clear


Awesome! That was indeed the quick & easy solution I was hoping for :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to continue developing…you guys are amazing.

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Have been looking for a solution to this for some time now. This was indeed an easy fix to resolve the matter !

Happy Divi and Oxygen user here !

Great job !