Using Roots w/ Pantheon. Insights, advice?

Hi Folks,

I work for Pantheon and am interested in learning more about the current state of using Roots (probably esp Bedrock) with Pantheon. Anyone have experiences you’d be willing to share? Advice on things we could do better? Any particular threads (or blog posts or …) you recommend I read?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

I should also say that I’m comfortable w/ DMs, messages in the WordPress slack (I’m @dgorton) or Roots Slack (Drew Gorton) or email ( or …

Hey @dgorton :wave:

I’m no Bedrock expert (hopefully one of the Roots devs will chime in) but we do have a project starting in Nov/Dec with a client that is currently with Pantheon and would prefer to stay there if the Roots stack is compatible. I’d be happy to contribute & test deployment/workflow later this year if of any interest.



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That sounds great. In the meantime, we have some of our engineering team testing things as well - it looks like it should work really well. Happy for any feedback you may have as you get rolling!

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