Using Sage's asset compiling only? (disabling templates/views)

Hi, long time sage user here (v8, lots of v9, and playing around with v10) and I was curious if anyone knows the easiest way to disable sage’s templating in either v9 or v10 and instead only using sage for asset compiling?

I know this probably sounds foolish, but the reason is I’m hoping to use sage as a child theme with the buddyboss theme as the parent, but the template structure/hierarchy is preventing that from working, as it is conflicting with buddyboss’s hierarchy.

I’d love to just ditch the buddyboss theme and go full sage, but it would be far to time consuming to rebuild all of buddyboss from the ground up and I simply cannot live without webpack, postcss, sass, browsersync, etc, etc, etc…

PS: If the above isn’t possible, does anyone know an easy-ish drop-in solution for asset compling that could be plopped into a child theme?

Thanks in advance!

The easiest thing would probably be to build a “normal” wp theme and then add bud. Technically bud isn’t dependent on Sage or Acorn (or even WordPress).

Exactly the approach I would recommend.

Use bud with @roots/bud-preset-wordpress. Read the entrypoints.json manifest in PHP and enqueue your assets.

Heads up: without @roots/sage extension installed, bud will look for source files in ./src and build assets to ./dist. You can modify this with bud.setPath to be whatever. But, just know that bud won’t find ./resources or build to ./public by default.