Using SSL in Proxy and Serve URL with Bud

As a summary I am having issues using a proxy domain which is has a local SSL certificate and getting the yarn dev command to work as expected.

For context I am using the LocalWP to connect with my WPEngine sites, and use that as my virtual environments. I am using Sage 6.6.6 and corresponding packages.

For a while now, because I have moved over to using LocalWP application my Yarn Dev command doesn’t work, and I have been using the Yarn Build command, but time has come to try and work out what is going on. When using LocalWP it almost forces you to create a SSL certificate for your domain name (e.g https://domain.local/).

I have followed a couple of approaches that I have found on this forum, some that are using BrowserSync instead, I have tried this, however to no avail. So I am still attempting this using Bud JS and the app.serve method. Here is my config below:


        url: new URL(`https://localhost:4000/`),
	cert: `/Users/USER/domain.local+1.pem`,
	key: `/Users/USER/domain.local+1-key.pem`,

I have created localhost SSL using mkcert which allows domain.local to be secure and I can see this being reflect in chrome URL bar with the little padlock next to it.

However, when viewing the page I am getting this error ‘Error occurred while trying to proxy: localhost:4000/’

Has anyone run into this issue before?

Can bud (that runs as nodejs process) reach/resolve localhost:4000?
You can try something like wget/curl from within the same terminal bud would run and see whether it can actually connect to localhost:4000.

I just wrangled with this some yesterday, with a new build of Sage and Bud 6.6.9.
Here is the recipe I final got to work:

			'@certs': 'src/certs',
      '@images': 'resources/images'

      host: 'ratiotwo.test:3000',
      cert: app.path('@certs/ratiotwo.test.crt'),
      key: app.path('@certs/ratiotwo.test.key'),

Also, for whatever reason I had to clear my browser cache to get the hot reloading to start working.
Using valet to serve the site locally.


Interesting approach, I didn’t know this can simplified like this.