Using the sync script without Trellis

I’ve recently started using Laragon for all of my virtualhosts. It replaces Vagrant and Laravel Homestead and is very similar to Wamp and XXamp. I haven’t run into any issues yet and it has very fast response times.

I would still like to use the official Roots Sync Script plugin for syncing between production and development. It may not be possible as it seems to rely on ssh connections through wp-cli, which are set up in wp-cli.yml like so:

  ssh: vagrant@mywebsite.test/home/vagrant/

I’m wondering if anyone knows a trick that could bypass the ssh connection here? Something like:

  *notssh*: mywebsite.test

Probably not possible but it would save me a good deal of time when syncing databases.

The sync script comes with support for the --local flag to do this, please reference the README area titled “Local development without VM (Valet, etc.)”

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I’m a dummy. Always read the docs!



Actually, this is behaving a bit strangely for me. All the urls in the database were replaced with http://trellis.test rather than http://mysite.test. Not sure why but I’m having to run an additional wp search-replace for the time being.

Can you please shoot me an email ( with your modified/configured script?

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