Using Trellis with a non-Sage theme


We have recently just got our trellis workflow working and boy am I impressed. Took a while to get the hang of but once we were up and running it really proved to be a pretty easy workflow! So thank you Roots team!

Quick question, we have a few websites that don’t utilize Sage but I would still like to start utilizing Trellis for these sites as well. Is there anything that we have to do differently in order to get a site set up locally that isn’t using Sage?


Bedrock and Trellis don’t have any dependency on Sage, and vice versa. You should not have issues using other themes with Bedrock and Trellis.

The only thing that comes to mind is if you have compiled assets like CSS and it is not in version control, the same rules apply in getting the compiled assets on the server during deployment.

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Well, alright then. We will give it a go! Thanks Kalen.

Nope! The other way around. You actually have to do extra work to get sage to work with Trellis by default. This is because trellis makes no assumptions about the setup of your wordpress site.

You don’t even have to use bedrock with it, although you get a lot of benefits for free by doing so.