Using ubuntu desktop as control machine?

Just wondering if there is any issue with using Ubuntu 32-bit PC (i386) desktop image as a VM on windows as the control machine for trellis. Also if anyone who using windows for local dev (particularly as ansible control machine) with trellis would be able to point me in the right direction as to any docs info on this topic.

Nope, should be no issues at all. Probably easier than doing the existing Windows method too.

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HI Duncan,

I agree with @swalkinshaw that you are better off in the VM however there may be an exception and that is getting Vagrant to run in the VM, because you are then running it in a VM within a VM and hit issues, I believe that you can get it going however it may not be a trivial solution (I did not attempt to do so myself).

Windows as the control machine is not worth it in my opinion, I spent way too much time hacking it to work and then gave Windows the flick after setting up the local environment and before deploying to remote. Having said that it was a while ago now and I know that some Windows hacks are now in Trellis so maybe it is not so bad now?

I now run Ubuntu dual boot which means that there are no Windows issues obviously and it also means no getting Vagrant to work within a VM and it means more resources for my dev environment (ie none are allocated to the host machine).

There are a few forum posts around regarding getting Windows hosted Trellis working as well as the wiki of course.

Also just wondering why 32 bit?


Edit: Oh you are talking about a 32 bit VM so maybe your host machine is 32 bit and hence you cannot virtualize 64 bit?

actually that was just what I downloaded and since I dont have a lot of data on the plan I am on right now I cant just download another iso :frowning:

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