Using with CodeKit Causing Weirdness

I’ve felt like I’ve been in a Twilight Zone episode all day! I’ve been using Bedrock in conjunction with MAMP Pro & CodeKit to compile SASS. However, it’s just been a strange experience.

MY SCSS files will compile, though auto-compiling and live-injection via CodeKit are non-starting. CodeKit says it’s compiling, but that doesn’t seem to be the case 90% of the time, too. When new files are created within my file structure, they often don’t show up in Finder, either. Relaunching Finder (Mac, obviously) doesn’t do anything.

All in all, it’s just bene weird. I’ve had to abandon Bedrock because my deadline is this week. In doing so, I’ve verified that everything (MAMP, CK, etc.) works fine with basic WP installation. Did some permissions / disk repairs, too, and that’s not the issue.

It’s definitely something in the way Roots interacts with MAMP PRO (not likely) & CodeKit (seems more likely).

Any ideas what in the bloody heck is going on? It honestly feels like a cacheing issue, but I can’t figure out what would be causing so much headache.

Bedrock doesn’t do anything related to caching

Sounds like an issue with either MAMP or CodeKit - both are tools that we don’t recommend, and we definitely don’t support anything CodeKit related. There’s also no issues with MAMP + Bedrock with a proper config (which is just setting the web directory as the document root, basically).

You’re not using Sage / the Roots starter theme, right? Just wanted to confirm that since it includes gulp and you are not supposed to use CodeKit with it.

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Nope, no Gulp involved! I will probably do like you suggested and head in a Gulp direction, though, ditching CodeKit. The only reason I started with CK is because of a tight deadline tomorrow, and not a lot of time to play with setting up Vagrant, Gulp, etc.

Didn’t think anything with Bedrock would cause the problems! Thanks for the confirmation, though. For now, I’m gonna chalk this one up to mix-matched tools. May come back later and try to isolate the issue.