Vagrant connection hangs after a short amount of time


I’m trying to find out why this is happening. I am using Radical and have set it up with Trellis and VirtualBox. Everything works like it should, I can vagrant ssh and have no trouble doing anything on my local machine. After a random amount of time, everything will hang. I could be doing a wp-cli command or simply clicking a link in my .test proxy, or doing nothing at all.

When this happens, VirtualBox has no logfiles that say anything has happened, the proxy will still say it is running. The only thing I can do to get it back up is to stop/power down the VM and then Vagrant/Trellis up to start it again. I’ve destroyed and started over from scratch and the problem persists.

Vagrant 2.4.1
VirtualBox 7
Unbuntu 22.04
Mac OSX Sonoma

Does anyone have any idea’s on how I can troubleshoot this, or has any ideas on the fix? Been trying to figure this out for a few days now.


Try rebuilding your VM by running “vagrant destroy” and “vagrant up”. I was having a similar issue and I think there was a conflict with either the php versions between my VM and development machine. Also, I had run composer commands from the terminal of my development machine…which I read is not a good idea because it can create conflicts. You should always run composer commands from the command line using your vagrant VM. Hope this helps you out.