Vagrant Path Wrong: No such file or directory

I’m transferring a pre-existing project onto a different computer than the one I usually develop on.

Everything seems to be in order, but when I run vagrant up, it gives me:

Masons-MacBook-Pro-2:jack4.1 masoninthesis$ vagrant up -bash: /usr/bin/vagrant: No such file or directory

That’s because my vagrant (node and npm) are installed in /usr/local/bin–

Masons-MacBook-Pro-2:bin masoninthesis$ which vagrant /usr/local/bin/vagrant

This seems like such an easy fix. I’ve tried aliasing it into the directory it’s looking for it in, then it tells me:
-bash: /usr/bin/vagrant: cannot execute binary file

Edit: Not sure if this is useful, but it appears that my /usr/local/bin/vagrant file is an alias to /opt/vagrant

This just seems like a Vagrant/your setup issue. Nothing to do with Roots though. I suggest looking through Vagrant’s docs/issues.

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Yeah I know this isn’t a Roots specific issue, but the way I see it– the more troubleshooting tips on this site the better.

I spent hours and hours looking into this issue last night. I remember one thread on Stackoverflow saying that it’s a bug and you simply need to logout and log back in to your computer. But I didn’t try it because it was a couple years old and supposedly fixed in a newer vers. of Vagrant. I glazed over that one thinking it had a 1% chance of actually fixing my issue.

Woke up this morning, started reading through Vagrant docs and realized there wasn’t anything remotely addressing my issue.

I started Googling in 100 tabs again. Nothing. How is it that nobody has had an issue even remotely similar to mine? The solution was nowhere to be seen.

So I decided to reboot my laptop. I logged back in, went straight to my project file and ran vagrant up. It actually worked. :smile:

Sometimes it’s the simple things that fix it. Couldn’t tell you why it fixed it. But hopefully this will become a top result on Google if anyone ever runs into it again.

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Well, the way I see it is that it’s more volunteer work that usually people from the Roots team spend on debugging issues. Much love to the users in the community that also help out — we notice you and we really appreciate it. :blue_heart:

It’s not really fair to post generic questions like this on this site. We see the notifications for new Discourse topics in our Slack and then we spend time helping users out (again, for free).

What’s even worse is that based on your follow up (thank you for following up, btw), it doesn’t seem like there was any issue at all.

So in this case, volunteer hours were spent on an issue that wasn’t even an issue.