Vagrant provision timeout error

I have a server that contains multiple websites for our company. 2 days ago I added another site and was able to provision vagrant with no issues. I went to add another one yesterday and today and keep running into the following error.

[ERROR]: failed to download the file:
The error happens at the following

I also ran ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml and get the same errors. Is anyone else having this issue. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Can you request these files in your workstation terminal using curl or wget and see the cause of the error? CA not trusted? Do you have proper internet in the terminal?

I dont have wget installed but when I use curl I get.

“You are being redirected” and nothing else.

What do you mean by proper internet? The connection is working and stable.

curl logs that it is being redirected, but does the download succeed with a tar.gz-file actually downloaded by it?

No it did not download. I just ran the provision again and now it made it to

[WARNING]: - mailhog was NOT installed successfully.

ERROR! - you can use --ignore-errors to skip failed roles and finish processing the list.
Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be
visible above. Please fix these errors and try again.

Just did it again and now it failed on

Its not consistent. I have done lots of research and have not found a good solution.

What workstation is this? WSL 2 on Windows (Ubuntu distribution)? OS X?
Please note that ansible runs on your workstation and issues the appropriate SSH commands - so all these issues are on your workstation, not on the target system to be provisioned by ansible.

I just connected to my hotspot on my phone and the provision went through as expected. So something must be going on with the internet. I have reset modems and routers over the last few days and this is still happening. So not a Trellis issue.

Right, sometimes the ISP causes issues with transparent HTTP(S) and DNS proxies.
In that case using a tunnel or VPN to the internet helps.

What a pain. I have been doing this for 2 days and the second I call them it starts working. Gotta love it. I appreciate you helping out.

Please mark my response as solution so this thread is marked as solved. :slight_smile:

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